What can TechUnited do for you?

Firstly, TechUnited, Inc. offers a free résumé posting web site. Rest assured that we don't charge the employers any money to post their jobs either. This simple basic service is free of cost. Realistically, the cost of building and hosting such an app is not expensive so why should we milk people in an already tough economy?

How do we make our money?

By offering special services which do cost us money but gives you a value add. As you are well familiar by now, finding a job is a full-time job in itself and it requires honing certain skills in addition to the mundane tasks of posting to multiple job boards, sifting through tons of emails, sending replies to the jobs you're interested in, follow-up information, schedule interviews, and so on.

What we offer you is a service of taking this overhead off your shoulders. Once you come on board with TechUnited, we will not only forward your résumé to job boards and potential employers, but we will also reply to emails, schedule interviews and help you prepare for your résumé.

So now, your work is simplified. You send us your résumé  and fill out the Skills Profile profile and let us do the rest. Fast forward to your interview dates and land the job you are best suited for. What are you going to do with your free time? You can now concentrate on simply improving your skills, thereby increasing your marketability. We hope you choose to enroll in our no-nonsense IT courses which will get you the essential tools of the trade in a step by step process.

How much is this going to cost me?

Once you land your job, we charge a commission of 15%, letting you keep 85% of your bill rate! Of course this means you will have to provide for your own benefits. You may elect to buy into our group benefit package but that choice will be entirely yours. We don't stand to make anything and will pass on the savings directly to you.

How is that different from any other recruiting company?

If you've worked with other recruiting companies you will know that they like to squeeze you as well as the employer for every penny. They will not let the employers see their list of job seekers nor will they allow the job seekers to directly contact the employers. They will try to get the MOST billing from the the client and pay you the LEAST.

Our policy is to earn our keep. If we spend our human resources in finding you a job, we should be compensated for our expenditure. At the end of the day, everyone getting a fair deal is simply good business.

We believe in complete transparency and will allow you to see what we bill the client as well as allow the client to see what we're paying you. This way, not only you but the client is also happy to know that most of what he/she pays is going to the employee.

At the same time, we also value your privacy and so no one other than the client and our staff will be privy to this information.

International Applicants

If your skills are what our clients are looking for we will help in applying for sponsorship of the H1 visa and transfers if necessary.

Job Profile

Here are some bottom line job hunting tips which will help you get you get to top of the list.

Your first impression is made by the set of skills you posses. In today's IT job market, an employer primarily wants to know how will you be of use to his company. Each employer has requirements he/she needs to fulfill and your skillset is the first criteria he/she would use to determine whether or not you will be right for the job.

Please be SURE to mark your level of expertise (star rating). If you don't then the default value of zero will render your skill unaccounted.

Be sure to upload a PDF, txt or MS Word format resume so that our agents can better match you to your ideal position. Click on the My Resume link on the left navigation bar and please keep your resume updated. Ideally it should not get older than 6 months.

Applying for a job has never been easier. All you do is click on the "Apply" button and wait for your interview date. Once your have the interview scheduled, if for any reason you are unable to make it or must cancel it for any reason, be sure to contact the employer immediately and note your job profile. Failure to do so might result in a negative rating from the employer.

If you do not pass the interview, don't worry. The employers are able to leave feedback which might help you moving forward.

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