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AI-Legitimize Meta Surface Revamp Our Lives

Information and Electromagnet wave manipulation has become an essential part of our life. For automating the control of wave-information-matter- interconnection intelligent meta-surfaces have turned out as smart platforms without manual intervention.

We have seen remarkable progress in the development of metamaterials as well as metasurfaces of abundant properties and forms. Professor Tie Jun Cui and Lian-Li guide a research team to review intelligent metasurfaces. It investigated intelligent metasurface control, communication, and computing. 

 It's a field with many refreshed human insights. This unlocks many novel systems and devices like holograms and cloaking. However, passive or structure-alone metasurfaces approach intelligent metasurfaces by combining algorithms and nonlinear materials.

There are three crucial properties of Intelligent metasurfaces: intelligence, digitalization, and programmability. These deliver an essential opportunity to handle the interaction without human intervention.

Due to encoding, decoding, and storing digital information, digitalization enables metasurface; as metasurface can realize a distinct function with one physical entity so it's called programmability. 

An intelligent metasurface is responsible for making decisions, self-programming, and performing high-end tasks without human interference.

The artificial industry has grown rapidly in the data mining and knowledge industry. In engineering and every field of science, deep learning is proven extraordinary. 

For metasurfaces and metamaterials fields, deep learning has positive effects. It commonly gives birth to broadly active research directions. The wireless signal would benefit further development for future assessments of intelligence metasurfaces. 

So, there'll be more advantages intelligent metasurfaces can get by developing wireless 6G, digital twinning, and green IoT.

We visualize the positive effects of intelligence metasurfaces as they learn, make self-programming decisions, and learn in their lives. It also involves multiple disciplines as its emerging research. Various open questions will be needed to be addressed carefully in the future.