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A Case Study Approach to Educating Customers

Customers need more understanding of what they need and even less understanding of leveraging technology for maximum efficiency.

In most cases, we have noticed that web and software companies lure you in with some gimmick and then do a bait and switch. Many offshore companies take your money and disappear. Our model at TechUnited is to offer up-front pricing for standard requests.

Case study topics are based on the list. Several numbers are drawn from the case teams that concentrate on healthcare, management, and sustainability. However, many cases have been written in the last few years. But one of the most popular is Cadbury and Design at Mayo. But if we talk about it, most topics are usually raw cases and web-based templates. It allows a mixture of different texts, spreadsheets, and videos on each website.

Most Popular Case Study Topics 2020

Today we’re going to share a complete case study with solutions so you’ll enhance your understanding. Following are case study examples: 

1-Cadbury- Try To Ensure The Sustainability Of Its Supply Chain

The case study reveals the production and growth of cocoa in Cote d’Ivoire and also involved child labor. No doubt this story hit Cadbury so hard. For many years the company has been deeply religious and paid attention to its worker and their welfare. The US Congress wanted to implement legislation and allow the growth of chocolate on certified plants. As well as with the label written: “slave labor free.” 

2- Design At Mayo

This case study shows how the Mayo Clinic, the most popular hospital globally, engaged its designer and built a research-based institute for healthcare. It also shows how the designers interact with the physicians and implements incremental innovations. Test

3- Shake Shack IPO

Shake Shack introduced a fan base greet at the Shake Shack location with cheers and long lines after an art project in New York. Even investors showed great enthusiasm after Shake Shack went public. Investors bid $21/each share while the offer price was 118% and tried to reach $45.90. It’s incredible because investors were paying too much by the end of May, approximately 92.86 for each share.