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A Case Study Approach to Educating Customers

Customers should be more educated about their needs and even less educated about how to use technology to its fullest potential.

In most cases, we have noticed that web and software companies lure you in with some gimmick and then do a bait and switch. Many offshore companies take your money and disappear. Our model at TechUnited is to offer up-front pricing for standard requests.

The list serves as a basis for case study ideas. From the case teams that focus on management, sustainability, and healthcare, several numbers are taken. Nevertheless, a lot of examples have been written in recent years. Cadbury and Design at Mayo, however, is among the most well-known. However, the majority of the subjects we often discuss are web-based templates and raw instances. Each website may have a variety of texts, spreadsheets, and videos.

Most Popular Case Study Topics 2020

Today we’re going to share a complete case study with solutions, so you’ll enhance your understanding. Following are case study examples:

1: Cadbury: Try To Ensure The Sustainability Of Its Supply Chain

The case study describes how cocoa was grown and produced in Cote d'Ivoire while simultaneously including child labor. The impact of this narrative on Cadbury is undeniable. The business has been strongly religious and concerned about its employees' well-being for a long time. The US Congress sought to enact legislation that would permit the cultivation of cocoa on verified plants. Additionally, the label reads "slave labor free." 

2: Design At Mayo

This case study demonstrates how the Mayo Clinic, the most well-known hospital in the world, hired a designer and established a healthcare research institution. Additionally, it demonstrates how the designers work with the doctors to develop small-scale advancements. Test

3: Shake Shack IPO

Following an art piece in New York, Shake Shack established a fan base met with applause and large queues at the Shake Shack site. After Shake Shack went public, even investors exhibited a lot of enthusiasm. Investors attempted to achieve $45.90 while the offer price was 118% higher at $21 per share. It's astonishing because, by the end of May, investors were paying too much for shares—approximately 92.86 per share.