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What Is The Recruitment Process at TechUnited

The recruitment process for TechUnited involves defining job requirements, sourcing candidates through various channels, screening and interviewing candidates, making an offer, and onboarding the new employee. Communication with candidates throughout the process is essential for building a positive employer brand and ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Likely, the recruitment process you implement within your business or HR department will be unique to your organization depending on its size, the industry you operate within, and any existing hiring processes. 

The following objectives will remain constant across most organizations when it comes to establishing an effective recruitment process:

Here are five important steps in the recruiting process

1. Recruitment Marketing

By generating awareness of your brand and promoting your job ads effectively via channels you know will reach potential candidates, applying marketing principles to the recruitment process can find and attract better candidates.

2. Candidate passive search

Connect with candidates who may not be actively seeking employment by expanding your pool. By attracting elusive talent, you can increase the number of qualified candidates and diversify your hiring funnel for current and future positions.

3. Referrals

A successful referral program can help you source candidates faster, improve retention, and reduce costs by leveraging your existing employee network.

4. Candidate experience

Candidates should not only become aware of your job opportunity, consider it, and eventually apply, but they should also be actively engaged.

5. Hiring Team Collaboration

Communicate across all internal teams and ensure that all parties involved have the same hiring objectives to maximize your team effort.